Developed to offer a non-alcoholic version of rum-based drinks, MONIN Caribbean bottles a taste of the favourite tipple of pirates, buccaneers and British Royal Navy sailors, who still have a tot of rum presented on special occasions.
A distilled alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane by-products such as molasses, rum is largely produced in the Caribbean and Latin America.
Thought to be derived from the words ‘rumbullion’ and ‘rumbustion’, which were slang terms for ‘tumult’ or ‘uproar’, they bring to mind rum’s colourful associations with fractious men fighting in island tippling houses. Other names for rum include ‘Nelson’s blood’, ‘kill-devil’, ‘demon water’, ‘pirate’s drink’, ‘navy neaters’ and ‘Barbados water’!
Today rum is used to flavour cakes, ice cream and fruits, which are macerated in rum.

The nose of Caribbean rum aged in oak barrels and the sweet rum taste with notes of fruit of MONIN Caribbean syrup will create ‘rumbustious’ coffees, non-alcoholic cocktails and dessert drinks

Bright amber.

Tasting notes
Nose of Caribbean rum aged in oak barrel; sweet rum taste with notes of fruits and vanilla.

Beverage Innovation Directors tips
The blend hints of island spices with a smooth texture stands out of the flavour and leads to an overwhelming spiced honey flavour that gently guides you to the creamy, cake frosting finish. “Caribbean” will give you the opportunity to convert all your rum-based alcoholic cocktails to their non alcoholic versions without even losing the rum aroma.


  • Cocktails 
  • Flavoured milks 
  • Coffees

Product weight: 1.4kg
Product box size (mm): 75x75x305

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