Become a Pro at Ordering Coffee with This Guide

Do you walk into a cafe and feel completely lost as you browse through the menu because you have no idea what type of  coffee to drink?

We’ve solved the conundrum for you with a  breakdown of the types of drinks and what’s make them different.


The Black Coffee Menu


Commonly served in shots, this drink is:

  • made of 8-10g of coffee grounds and is strong
  • has a layer of crema (a thin layer of foam on top which is mainly made up of Carbon dioxide) on top
  • usually served in a one ounce cup


This drink has a double shot of espresso


Lungo is “long”in Italian which is why this drink has more volume and is more diluted  than a shot of espresso.


The opposite of Lungo, Ristretto has:

  • only ¾ ounce of an espresso in it
  • lesser amount of water
  • a shorter aftertaste


This is basically a shot of espresso served with lemon rind.

Long Black

A long black is basically 6 to 8 ounces of hot water that is topped by a shot of espresso.


An Americano is the opposite of a Long Black. So it’s a single shot of espresso topped with 6-8 ounces of hot water. It’s not as strong as a long black because hot water is poured on top of the crema.

The Milk Coffee Menu


A shot of espresso (single/double) topped with steamed milk and a layer of foam.

Flat white

Flat whites:

  • are a combination of espresso (single/double) topped with milk
  • have a velvety layer of foam
  • contain more milk, less coffee, and less foam than a cappuccino.


Latte means “milk” in Italian and has:

  • a shot of espresso topped with steamed milk
  • a thin layer of foam
  • more milk compared to  Cappuccino and Flat white


Macchiato means “marked” in Italian and usually has two types:

  • Espresso macchiato which is an espresso marked with foam
  • Latte macchiato being foam and milk marked with an espresso.

Not too confusing now is it? The next time you walk into a cafe be confident and order away because you’ll know exactly what you’re asking for.