Cafe Feature : Lachér To-Go

Renowned for their exquisite cakes and delectable tarts, Lachér Patisserie has introduced a delightful new café experience: Lachér To-Go. Unlike Lachér Patisserie, Lachér To-Go is a brick-and-mortar store where you can either walk in for takeaway or enjoy a relaxing dine-in experience. 
Situated in Plaza Conlay, immerse yourself in the inviting and cozy ambience, making it the perfect spot to unwind during a break from work. The cafe's sleek and modern furnishings create an Instagram-worthy backdrop, so don't forget to bring your phones to capture its aesthetic charm! 
Prepared to be spoiled for choice with a vast array of patisseries that not only look good but taste amazing. To complete your experience, be sure to pair these artisanal patisseries with a perfect cup of coffee, crafted using the exceptional Eagle One espresso machine from Victoria Arduino and the precision of the Helios grinder from Eureka

Your visit to Lachér To-Go promises to be a symphony of flavours and aesthetics that you won't want to miss. 


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