Coffee Hacks to Improve Your Coffee Experience

Think you’ve mastered the art of drinking coffee? Check out the list below to transform your coffee experience.

1. Stir your espresso before you drink

Have you ever tried stirring your espresso before drinking? An unstirred espresso has distinct layers which contain both heavy and light notes. The best way to savour the taste is by stirring your espresso before you drink it because often the heavier contents of the espresso is at the bottom of your cup and although the crema on top looks good it doesn’t taste as good on its own. That said, some prefer to enjoy the layer by layer taste of espresso but if you’re about to try an espresso for the first time, stir and you’ll definitely love it.

2. Slurrrrp!

In order to truly savour the flavours in your cup of joe you need to slurp it. Coffee tasting judges claim that slurping is the best way to tune in with the different flavours (tongue for sweetness, back of throat for bitterness).  So the next time you hear someone slurping their coffee, don’t judge them for having bad manners, it’s just that coffee tastes best when aerated. So the louder you slurp the better!

  • 3. Get the Most out of Your Coffee Breaks
  • Can’t start your day without a  cup of coffee? The truth is you can and you need to wait for a good 30 to 45 minutes after waking up for your cortisol levels to peak. Cortisol is the hormone in charge of making us feel awake and alert. If you were to have your coffee before the cortisol kicks in, your body will speed up the process of building caffeine tolerance. This means that the kick you get after a cup of coffee will start diminishing greatly. So to get the full boost of coffee, have it when your cortisol level dips and that’s usually between 9:30-11:30 am, 1:30 and 5pm.

     4. Make Your Coffee Smoother

    Using paper filters to brew adds more flavour to your coffee instead of reusable coffee filters. This is because paper filters incorporate a woody, papery flavour to your coffee which further enhances the taste and it’s much easier to clean. It also gives you a cleaner and smoother cup of coffee by filtering out the fine bits which usually passes through easily with a reusable filter. Simply replace your used filter with a new one the next time you want to brew coffee as opposed to using a reusable filter. The problem with the latter is that it needs proper cleaning or you’ll end up with a buildup of oil and stale coffee grains which will alter  the taste of your brew.


    Now that you know about these hacks, try them out and let us know how it changed your overall coffee experience on Facebook.