Featuring the Hiroia Jimmy Scale

HIROIA started with coffee. "Trial and error" and "do it first" have always been our entrepreneurship mentalities, from a traditional industry to a transformation in the future. We partnered with a century-old coffee appliance manufacturer from Japan during the “third coffee trend”. The third specialty coffee trend focuses on pour over coffee, coffee bean grinding, water temperature control, and different methods of making coffee. Furthermore, in this fast-paced modern society, the specialty coffee industry is also searching for new possibilities. A clever idea was founded right at this time, “Become the pioneer of the fourth coffee trend!”

With a detachable display and magnetic attachment, you are now able to monitor the scale away from your machine, giving you the perfect view every time. Not only is the scale water resistant, its battery is able to last up to 10 hours of detached usage and standby for 1000 hours.

Connect to your smart phones via IOS or Android and measure your flow rates in real time for ultimate control of your brewing. The Jimmy will also log all the data from your brews to help you understand and study your pours and extraction.

The ultimate grinder for the ultimate professional. Get yours today on our webstore.