How Much It Costs to Make Coffee at Home vs Buying Your Coffee

Alright here’s the breakdown you’ve been looking for your whole life. How much you spend buying your cup of coffee versus how much you’d spend if you made your own cup of coffee at home.

We’ve broken coffee drinkers into 3 categories and let’s assume they are all avid coffee drinkers who need to have a cup of cappuccino once a day:

  • The basic coffee drinker
    This coffee drinker works on a budget and so buys her coffee from the petrol kiosk that’s close to her office.

  • The advanced coffee drinker
    The day hasn’t started for this drinker until he’s driven to the nearest drive thru outlet of his favourite coffee franchise.

  • The expert coffee drinker
    Coffee is a way of life for this drinker who takes her coffee very seriously.