Meet the Appia Life - The Coffee Machine for Life

Appia Life by Nuova Simonelli is the perfect coffee machine. It is created based on the success of the Appia. The Appia life not only having a modern style, but it also stands out with it's reliability and high productivity performance.

High Productivity & Consistency

Appia Life 2 groups version is able to prepare up to 250 cappuccinos on a daily basis. The machine consistency is based on the following technology:

  • SIS- Soft Infusion System : SIS (Soft Infusion System) assures a soft infusion allowing a consistent result and compensate incorrect coffee tamping.
  • Easycream : It allows obtaining a dense, velvety milk cream quickly and automatically. Easy cream is also reliable, hygienic and safe thanks to the nozzle’s thermal insulation.

Energy Saving & Cost Effective

Appia Life is able to reduce 13% of energy consumption compared to the Appia II with it's Drytex Thermical technology insulation. It is also  20% less environmental impactcompared to the Appia II.

Great Comfort means Happy Barista

Thanks to its ergonomic style, Appia Life makes productivity even more efficient. It  improves the operation and service speed by assisting the barista in day-to-day performances. Appia Life has been designed to be more efficient when it comes to maintenance.

The Appia Life is taking functionality to the whole next level! It's soft touch portafilters, the adjustable steel nozzles, remote control and many more you can name it. It is so precise and user- friendly.

Speak to us for more information, and scheduled for a demonstration.