Introducing the Crem One

The ONE is striking, unmistakably modern, and showcases its legendary DNA more proudly than ever with a concept twist based on the iconic design of our well- known Office Leva, giving that wonderful feeling of reconnecting with an old friend. Hungry for more?

Keeping the soul of the iconic Office Leva, the ONE has been thoughtfully created. As a result, a balanced design line and harmonic dimensions to get a compact but incredibly sophisticated and premium one group espresso machine.
  • Full mirror polished stainless-steel exterior.
  • Easy customisable side panels.
  • Complete wooden kit.
  • Barista kit included and new packaging!

The ONE not only looks stunning. Every element and small detail have been carefully designed to fulfil the highest standards of ergonomics and intuitive controls and displays, mainly based on its new electronic platform. The ONE is incredibly easy to use, without losing an inch of any performance and delivers an outstanding in-cup-quality.
  • Temperature & Time User Interface for the 1B version.
  • Advanced menu setting OLED DISPLAY for the 2B versions.
  • Intuitive knob for pressure control.
  • Auto ON/OFF, standby and ECO mode.
  • 1/2 steam and hot water knobs.
  • Smart new drip tray concept and wider working surface area.
  • Independent tank lid on the top.
View the Crem One on our website here.