Know Which Coffee Roast Is the Best for Your Tastebuds

Before we get started on the ways one roast differs from another, let’s brush up on some common coffee terms used in describing taste and mouthfeel.

  • Acidity -  bright tangy, tartness or wine-like flavour
  • Balance - when all the flavours and characteristics are balanced out
  • Body - the mouthfeel (heaviness, richness or thickness of the coffee)
  • Finish - aftertaste
  • Grassy - slight sour, “greeny” taste
  • Richness - a satisfying fullness in flavor, body, and acidity
  • Spicy - aroma of sweet spices such as clove and cinnamon

Different beans require different amount of heat and time for roasting. Here’s a roasting profile which will give you an idea of how each roast differs.


Roast Level






Light bodied, sour, grassy and tart (acidic)

Less body



A little sweeter, floral and fruity with a full-bodied balanced acidity, aroma and complexity

Smooth and Balanced



Tinge of spiciness, has a rich chocolate body and sweet aroma

Heavy and long lasting finish


If you prefer a weak cup of coffee with a short aftertaste, then a light roasted coffee would suit you best. Likewise if you prefer a balanced cup with slightly sweet notes then you should go for medium roast. Dark roasts on the other hand are suitable for those who prefer low acidity and a long lasting aftertaste. However depending on the temperatures of the roast, the tastes may vary.

The best way to truly to find out which roast of coffee suits your taste buds the most is to go for a hands-on experience and tasting all three levels of roast. The next time you order a cup of coffee, check the roast level, note down the tastes and how you liked it and you’ll eventually find your perfect cup!