Made in Switzerland.

The Swiss art of preparing coffee

The entire development and fabrication of Rex-Royal coffee machines take place at Rex-Royal headquarter in Dällikon near Zürich. The production location in Switzerland is an important factor in ensuring the high-quality standards of our products. Nowhere else is dependability, safety, technical know-how and logistical infrastructure guaranteed for the long-term at this high standard. We're proud of the label, Swiss Made.

Coffee with innovation

Innovation and quality have long been closely associated with the name Rex-Royal. We're constantly developing new, path-breaking products and technologies. A brilliant example of this may be seen in the multi-function TouchScreen of the current Rex-Royal models. Even the durable and maintenance-friendly brewing unit belongs to the pioneering innovations from the house of Rex-Royal. We're refining our products so that you can enjoy consistently prepared coffee into the future.

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