MONIN Habanero Lime Concentrate!

Introducing the new MONIN Habanero Lime flavour!
The heat of habanero, the sweet acidity of lime. It all adds up to a tantalizing flavour sensation. The spicy tart flavour of our Habanero Lime Concentrate packs a zing when added to beverages. The perfect combination of sweet and spicy, MONIN Habanero Lime Concentrate lends sweet heart to your mocktails and cocktails.

Cloudy Yellow

Tasting notes
Fresh lime aromas with Citrus and spicy sweetness.

Beverage Innovation Directors tips
MONIN Habanero Lime Concentrate combines the tantalizing heat of habanero and the tartness of lime in one exquisite sweet heat flavour sensation. I love adding this flavour into a margarita drink to add additional kick. This blend has the sweetness of citrus and a spicy length in mouth.