Nitro Cold Pro by Brewista

Nitro brew coffee is fast becoming a favourite cold beverage for coffee-lovers everywhere. With the Nitro Cold Brew Coffee System, you can create a chilled, smooth and creamy beverage that will impress your clients and create a pro table revenue stream for your business.

The patented delivery system liters nitrogen from atmospheric air through the machine, compressing it and mixing it with the cold brew coffee. Serving up to 1.2 litres per minute, the Nitro Cold Brew Coffee System chills as it pours, and is as easy as pulling a lever!

The Nitro Cold Brew System not only makes nitro coffee that tastes great, but it is also:

    • quick and easy to install
    • easy to t into small café bench spaces
    • easily adjustable for all your nitro needs
    • convenient, as it has no need for nitrogen bottles or large kegs!