The new Aurelia Wave by Nuova Simonelli

New waves of technology and equipments coming your way this 2018! The Nuova Simonelli group has recently unleashed the new Aurelia Wave, with tons of new features and disruptive tech! From easy auto purging, to the pulse jet technology, the sky is the limit!

The cleaning of the sprayheads has never been better than with the Aurelia Wave. Cleaning happens automatically when unplugging the filter holder with its new patented Auto-purge system.

Extraction is vital for the quality of espresso. Our Pulse Jet Technology will allow pressurized water pulses to be sent to the ground coffee so it can expand in volume, improving water percolation when it reaches the appropriate pressure.

Need to customize your coffee menu? The Aurelia Wave incorporates an adjustable hot water system, where the barista can use hot water at two different preset temperatures. These are details that can make a difference!

Technicians estimate that 80% of unreliability issues in coffee machines stem from the water supply. Aurelia Wave is able to detect essential parameters of inlet water, warning the barista of any variations in pH and TDS levels.