Varia - VS3 Grinder (2nd Generation)

Known for their contemporary and innovative designs, Varia Brewing stands as a distinguished brand celebrated for its premium and streamlined brewing products. Among their accolades is the esteemed 2022 Specialty Coffee Association Japan Good Product Design Award, bestowed upon their Varia VS3 Grinder. 

Now, let's delve into the exceptional features of this grinder. 

The Varia VS3 Electric Grinder (Varia Stepless 38mm) offers Zero Retention Focus by leveraging a sloped geometry with a 76.5° acute angle. Using this geometry also allows ideal zero retention conditions as well as a better workflow in relation to adding coffee to the hopper, making grind adjustments, and 180° access to the dosing cup. 

Additionally, the grinder features Space Grade CNC Machine Aluminum Construction. This precision technique ensures that each edge of the main body is machined with 0.02mm accuracy, while the high-grade scratch-resistant spray powder-coated matte finish adds durability and ease of maintenance. 

The stepless adjustment is operated by turning the hopper, granting virtually endless particle size possibilities for experimentation. 

The new motor construction, with full stainless-steel gearbox and 190RPM grind speed, guarantees unmatched consistency and precision across all settings, featuring built-in safety mechanisms for over torque protection. 

Despite its compact size, the Varia VS3 Electric Grinder delivers exceptional performance across various brewing methods, from commercial espresso to hand drip and cold brew, fulfilling every requirement for creating the perfect cup of coffee.