How To Clean a Mythos 2 Coffee Grinder

Video Tutorial: How to clean a Mythos 2 coffee grinder and how to remove a clump crusher

How to keep clean the Mythos 2 every day?

How to remove or clean the clump crusher?

Baristas know that the daily cleaning of their grinders is at the base of high quality. A clean grinder means excellent coffee. To guarantee the quality in the cup, Victoria Arduino made a series of tutorials to offer baristas useful suggestions on how to keep their grinder clean and how to remove and install the clump crusher.

Andrea Cremone, an AST trainer, explicates all the quick and straightforward operations while reducing waste. In the video “How to clean a Mythos 2 coffee grinder”, Andrea explains the step-by-step procedures that a professional barista should do during the daily cleaning routine. A clean grinder contributes to the making of a great coffee and guarantees a longer life span of the Mythos 2.

The clump crusher, integrated into the grinder since the first series Mythos, is claimed by baristas to be an essential factor to work with, as it eliminates the static effect of the ground coffee while maintaining a continuous coffee flow, all while reducing waste. The correct maintenance of the clump crusher is fundamental for perfect grinding. In the video “How to remove and install Mythos 2 clump crusher”, Andrea Cremone explains how to remove and clean the clump crusher, providing suggestions and experience-born tips for a perfect reassembly.

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- Article by Victoria Arduino