Welhome Pro - The ultimate home solution to all your coffee needs.

Everyone dreams of having an affordable coffee set-up at home for that morning brew, whether its before work or a lazy weekend.

From Espresso Machines, Grinders to Milk Pitchers, Welhome Pro has a solution to your requirements and here are some suggested products for that ultimate set-up in the comforts of home.

Espresso Machines

WPM KD-210

WPM KD-210 Espresso Machine

WPM KD-270

WPM KD-270 Espresso Machine

WPM KD-310 Espresso Machine



Welhome Pro has a wide range of grinders that are suited to your requirements. From automatic grinder's to scaled precision, pick your choice!


WPM ZD-15 Grinder


 WPM ZD-16 Grinder

WPM ZD-17 Grinder

WPM ZD-17W (Volumetric Grind)


Visit our online shop to find out more! A wide variety of products from Welhome Pro is available for an awesome combination that is easy on your budget.