What's the Right Age to Start Drinking Coffee?

According to coffeedrinkersmakebetterlovers.com (and yes, we agree with the fact that they do make better lovers by the way), approximately 1,562,500 million cups of coffee are drank every minute. That’s right, take a sip of your cappuccino and let that information sink.

As more and more adults get acquainted with coffee and fall in love with it, you realise that it’s also caught the attention of a younger audience too one with a tiny tiny voice that squeaks asking “Can I have a sip too?!”.

So the question is, can kids drink coffee? More importantly at what age is it okay to start drinking coffee and how much?

What happens if children consume more than they should? Well some of the known symptoms include irregular heartbeat, hyperactivity, nausea, insomnia, headaches, anxiety etc. The symptoms are pretty much similar to what adults experience when we overdo our cups of joes. There are two real problems that most adults should look out for. The first is what’s mixed together with caffeinated beverages. Many fast food outlets and beverage outlets mix a truckload of sugar into their coffee based drinks such as frappes. A diet that is high in sugar and fats is the main cause of obesity amongst children. The second is not controlling what children are consuming.

So long as the children are getting treated to the recommended amount of caffeine once in awhile, there’s nothing to worry about. But most of all, make a habit of checking the calorie, sugar and caffeine content of every drink and snack that your kids consume.