WPM Domestic Espresso Machines

The range of Welhome Pro domestic Espresso Machines has been taking the industry by storm! Growing in popularity, the range of Espresso Machines & Grinders offered by WPM is definitely in high demand with affordable price-points and extensive features.

KD-310VPS is WPM espresso machine with triple thermo-block. The machine comes with LCD Display with PID technology controls Coffee temperature, pre-infusion and steam pressure.The WPM KD-330J is a Single Group Boiler Dual Pump Espresso Machine. The machine includes a Hybrid Heating System with a 0.7L boiler together with a PID Thermoblock that provides continuous and stable heating.

The design and versatility of WPM KD-210S2 coffee machines are created to achieve the quality of commercial cofffe machines. Comes with Twin Pump and Twin Thermoblock (TPTT) System: ensures stable water temperature while allowing simultaneous production of espresso and steam to texture milk.

Similar to the KD-210, the KD-270 comes with a temperature gauge for the built-in thermometer in the steam wand as well as sleek and smoother looks.

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