Your Ultimate Guide to Pour Over Coffee

There are lotsa different ways to make a cup of coffee manually. Out of these Hand Pour-Over coffee is a classic method loved by many coffee connoisseurs.

Here’s your guide to brew an excellent cup of coffee.

Things you’ll need


  1. Measure out the amount of water for the number of cups of coffee you’re making and boil until it reaches a temperature of  92℃ to 96℃.
  2. Set up your coffee dripper and server. If you’re using a chemex coffee server, you’ll only need filter paper.

  3. Grind your coffee beans and weigh it using the scale to make sure you have 16 - 18 g of grinds.
  4. Pour in the boiled water into a narrow spout kettle.
  5. Pour in some water to wet your filter paper and remove the water from your coffee server/ dripper.  This is done to prevent extra flavours from tainting your coffee and to boost the extraction process.
  6. Add in your coffee grinds to the filter paper. You might want to make sure it’s in level before you grab your kettle.

  7. Pour in the some water to wet the coffee grinds. You’ll notice bubbles forming or you’ll see the coffee somewhat expand. That’s Carbon dioxide being released from the coffee grinds to allow better extraction. Leave it for a good 30- 40 seconds before you continue pouring again.
  8. Pour at a constant speed from the same height in a circular motion to get a good cup of coffee. The slower you pour the more extraction you’ll get. The entire process starting from blooming will take about 2 - 3 minutes for 1 cup of coffee.

To get the perfect brew, you’ll need to give it a few tries and adjust the water turbulence (how fast or slow you pour and height level) as well as the grind size till you get the best tasting cup. Note down what you change and how it affects the taste so you’ll be able to figure out the adjustments you need to make. When you’re pouring, try to stand in a comfortable posture so that you don’t end up with a back ache. Once you’ve mastered the process, it’ll only take you a few minutes to get the perfect cup of freshly brewed Joe and you will love every minute of it!