Hario Outdoor V60 Coffee Basic Set comes with :
  • V60 Metal Dripper 02
  • V60 Metal Server 500ml
  • V60 Metal Buono Kettle 500ml
  • V60 Brown Filter Paper 02 40's
  • V60 Metal Stackable Mug 300ml x2
  • V60 Metal Coffee Mill
  • V60 Outdoor Bag
Enjoy the finest authentic coffee at home or outdoors. A coffeeware series designed for outdoor use.

Whether you use it in your home or for camping and other outdoor activities, versatility is an important factor in selecting camping gear. The V60 "HARIO outdoor" series, lets you enjoy authentic coffee both indoors and outdoors. The V60 dripper, which is favored by baristas around the world, remains the same. We have a line-up of hand mills, kettles, servers, and even stacking mugs. The stainless steel material can withstand severe heat sources like bonfires, with all products painted uniformly in an original earth green color that allows them to blend in with nature. We also have a bag that can hold a complete set of utensils to make drip coffee, an introductory set to brew coffee outdoors, and a full set for enjoying coffee outdoors.

Product weight: 1.9kg
Product box size (mm): 330x290x170

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