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Inspiration inspires genius.

Introducing the Black Eagle Maverick, our most intelligent and user-friendly coffee machine to date.

Here we will take you through our journey, what inspired the Maverick concept and how we brought our creation to life. We’ll take you through the key stages of the machine’s development, from the inside to the outside, before touching on some conversations with the baristas, those Mavericks that have turned the humble cup of coffee into something beyond a form of art.

T3 Genius

Our new T3 Genius technology has been developed to provide the barista with absolute control over their brew by providing them with the tools to allow for meticulous precision, resulting in outstanding performance and unrivalled efficiency.

It’s the next step in our story of innovation and design. And it’s so much more than a bunch of random words and numbers mashed together.

T3 is for 3 different temperatures and Genius represent the improvement of our engine. Yes, we think it’s that good. This is our most advanced technology to date but equally, it’s user-friendly and sustainable too.

Purebrew Technology

PureBrew technology is a revolutionary, threephase, extraction method that uses pulsating frequencies of water pressure to release the purest flavour from your coffee bean according to its freshness, region and type. Discover new flavours of your espresso with PureBrew Technology or apply PureBrew as low-pressure extraction to create a new, unique coffee extraction.

Purebrew Coffee

We are proud to introduce the brand new PureBrew Coffee Filter, developed in conjunction with our revolutionary conical, basket with a micro-thin double mesh that can contain up to 20 grams of coffee. By combining our PureBrew Technology with our brand new, patented filter basket, you can create a new filter coffee at the touch of a button.

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