We here at CHEMEX® know a good thing when we design it. Our CHEMEX® Gooseneck Chettle certainly falls into that category, along with beauty, ingenuity and performance. It is a perfect match for brewing with our CHEMEX® coffeemakers, teamakers or any pourover device you may have. The shape is born from our iconic hourglass profile, the gooseneck spout is curved and pointed for the perfect pour, the induction base has been engineered to heat water to the exact selected degree. We added a warming feature to maintain the temperature for 30 minutes. This product is anything but ordinary and sure to be a conversation piece as much as it will be an integral part of your daily routine.

  • Capacity - Unlike most gooseneck kettles on the market, we wanted the capacity to brew a full 40 ounce Chemex without having to refill the water.
  • Material and Design- We committed to stay true to the Chemex brand. Glass, beaker shapes, chemistry, purity, the hourglass and our iconic “X”.
  • Effortless Pour – We worked to create the perfect balance, when the water, spout and handle are all working as one and pouring the kettle is effortless.
  • Precision, accuracy and heating – From pour control to heating within 1 degree in both F and C, we covered every aspect of the kettle to make it exemplary.
  • Flow Rate - We tested and modified the spout continuously to ensure flow rate was easily controlled by every user based on their personal preference.

The induction heat:

The induction heating technique transfers electrical energy by induction from a wire coil located in the base to the kettle.  When the base is powered on, a high frequency alternating current is transferred through the coil, creating a dynamic magnetic field.

By placing the kettle on the base it generates induced electric currents in the metal bottom, heating the kettle and its contents.

Housed within the base are electrical components which control the power management, temperature measurement and accuracy.  In order to function properly these components must be kept cool.  We sourced a high quality fan, with good air flow capacity. Through testing we insured that the noise level is comparable to other electric water kettles on the market (56 db).

Advantages of our CHEMEX® Induction Chettle™

• 1.2 liter / 40.5 ounces
• Keep warm function
• Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
• Heats water to exact temperature for ultimate brewing capability
• Heats water in both Celsius and Fahrenheit ranging from 38-100ºC - 94-212ºF
• Finger touch display & control panel for ease of use and visibility of display    
• Borosilicate glass body is stylish and matches every interior
• Precision gooseneck spout for accurate and controlled pour
• Auto shut-off for safety
• 1 year warranty

Product weight: 2.67kg
Product box size (mm): 180x330x330

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