Osmanthus, a flower native to Asia, has been cultivated for around 2,500 years in China.  Guilin, which means “forest of osmanthus” is a city in China named after the many osmanthus trees that grow there. In Chinese culture, this small white flower is widely used, mostly as a flavouring for teas, wine, and sweets but also known as an ingredient in herbal medicine.

MONIN Osmanthus syrup has a harmonious floral perfume with sweet delicate honey notes. Combined with teas, lemonades or even used to flavoured classic cocktails, this syrup will add a light and refreshing touch to any of your crafted drinks.

Light yellow

Tasting notes
Nose: Sweet floral notes
Attack: Delicate osmanthus flower
Length in Mouth: Balanced honey and flower aftertaste

Beverage Innovation Directors tips
MONIN Osmanthus syrup imparts aroma and sweetness to any cocktail recipe. It’s the Asian touch I like to share in my creations! With its honey flower notes, it gives a unique flavour to cocktails, mocktails or even coffee and tea applications. I particularly like using MONIN Osmanthus syrup to flavour afternoon lemonades or in a Moscow Mule during parties.


  • Tea
  • Cocktail
  • Mocktail
  • Latte

Product weight: 1.4kg
Product box size (mm): 75x75x305

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