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E1 Prima PRO is the single group professional espresso machine for coffee specialists, roasters, chefs and mixologists who want to reach unexplored summits of quality, discover new boundaries of taste to savour the thrill of going where no one has gone before.

The E1 Prima PRO is the most powerful single group Victoria Arduino has ever made. All standards are challenged and exceeded. This affects performance, control, flexibility of extraction, lightness

The E1 Prima PRO features a 2.1" touchscreen for easy control of extraction modes and energy-saving settings. Utilizing T3 Genius technology, it ensures precise temperature control and efficient heating, enhancing cup precision. The innovative Pure Brew Technology and PBTech revolutionise coffee extraction, offering baristas flexibility and the ability to explore uncharted recipes, bringing out unexpected aromatic intensities in high-quality coffee, tea, and infusions.

Available in 2 colours: Bold Black and Racing Red

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