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Eagle Tempo is the professional espresso coffee machine specially designed for cafés, restaurants, roasteries, chains, pastry shops and bakeries. 

The simple interface between the user and the automation of the software facilitates fast training of personnel to prepare milk-based drinks or plant-based alternatives and consistent, good-quality coffee simply and quickly. The group with 5 pre-programmed buttons enables faster production and speeds up the workflow also due to the autopurge and easycream technologies. 

The NEO (New Engine Optimization) technology from Victoria Arduino plays its part in the Eagle Tempo by guaranteeing not only temperature stability and thus consistency of the result, but also greater productivity, with the installation of a 9-litre capacity steam boiler for the preparation of lots of milk-based drinks. 

The Eagle Tempo is available in four colours: matt black, matt white, steel and a special heritage version in steel with brass details.

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