Born from the perfect combination of reliable, high performance Expobar machines and our continuous pursuit of innovative solutions to push coffee technology further, ONYX is the professional grade premium espresso machine that merges creative design with endless customization possibilities.

Our goal from the very beginning of this journey has been to create an espresso machine that can hard work all day long while still looking its very best, perfectly balancing exceptional beauty with practical utility for demanding baristas.


We realize that every serving space is unique, so to make sure that ONYX ts perfectly into any environment we have designed it to be easily customized through easily changeable graphic slots, custom inserts in the exterior panels, or by custom-designed side and back LEDs.


From the very first concept brief our goal for ONYX has been to follow the mantra of form follows function.The result is a feature-packed espresso machine that is as intuitive as it is attractive, with each feature and control mechanism falling right into hand from the very first brew.

Suitable for:
Locations with minimal counter space, restaurants, small coffee shops and coffee carts.

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