Being the birth place of the Espresso, the Italians have the culture of drinking (a lot of) Espresso. Every time we visit Italy, we will do what the Romans do (pun intended) – Drink (a lot of) Espresso, which is pretty awesome. Hence, we came up with Gielletto to bring you the experience of an authentic Italian Espresso! Bold, Earthy and Sweet…Davvero! Siamo do nuovo in Italia!

This is a blend of Arabica from Africa and Latin America, as well as Washed Robusta from the Asia Pacific.

  • Roast : Medium
  • Taste : Toffee with Earthy Note
  • Aroma : Browned Sugar
  • Body : Medium
  • Acidity : Bold

Product Specifications :

Whole Bean 250g (Pkt)
Product weight: 270g
Product box size (mm): 240x120x30

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