Hario Lab Beaker Server 600ml

Use a chemistry beaker to serve your coffee. The wide, flat handle is easy to grip for a steady, controlled pour. The guide marks also make it a great measuring cup.

HARIO's laboratory glass features high chemical durability. It is perfect for laboratory use.

A manufacturer of heatproof glass, Hario has been producing laboratory glass since 1921. As the only manufacturer in Japan that has an α32 heatproof furnace, we also produce hand-blown products. With the hand-blown technology that has been nurtured in Japan, we were able to produce the first generation Kamiokande (neutrino detector) and glass music instruments. Laboratory glass of the HARIO brand is supported by an established history and trustworthy raw materials.

Product weight: 300g
Product box size (mm): 130x90x152

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