Espresso Bit


Professional Pitcher Rinser by Espressobit, custom made in Melbourne from Stainless Steel and built to last! This rinser will save the cafe/restaurant time and money with the rinsing of glasses, cups and milk jugs.


  • Easy above the bench installation using existing hole from coffee machine, no extra holes required.


  • Cold water connection only (hot water damages the seals)
  • Drain connector: 14mm barb fitting
  • Outside dimensions : 180mm x 180mm x 90mm
  • Recommended Water Pressure: Installed with a 350KPA PLV
  • Made of stainless steel (edges can be sharp before installing please use caution)
  • Perfect for F.O.L application as you can recover the rinser with no damage to bench tops.
  • Check with local plumbing codes before install. PVB, SVB or RP style backflow preventers are sometimes required.
  • We strongly suggest having product in-hand prior to cutting counter tops.


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