MONIN developed Red Orange syrup to fulfil demand from the Japanese market for an acidic orange flavour.
A type of orange so-called because of the intense crimson colour of its flesh, Red Orange has a unique flavour profile with a distinctly raspberry-like taste in addition to the usual citrus notes.
The Tarocco Red orange is now the main orange grown in Italy and Sicily, while there are two other varieties which come from Spain (Sanguinello) and the USA (Moro). Many Italian and Sicilian recipes incorporate this sweet, seedless variety and it is often used in salads, vinaigrette dressing , baking and marmalade. It is also used in green tea.
Add the juicy, raspberry-citrus fruit taste and attractive ruby red of MONIN Red Orange to your cocktails, sodas and teas and stand out from the crowd!

Orange red colour.

Tasting notes
Powerful fruity flavour with a citrus aroma. Good balance between acidity, bitterness and sweetness of the fruit.

Beverage Innovation Directors Tips
Bring a fruity flavour freshness and a nice colour to your signature drinks. To accentuate the lightly bitter taste of MONIN Red Orange syrup, I recommend adding a touch of MONIN Bitter to your best recipes, it will reinforce the deep red colour.

  • Cocktails 
  • Smoothies 
  • Frozen drinks 
  • Teas 
  • Desserts

Product weight: 1.4kg
Product box size (mm): 75x75x305

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