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An extraordinary blend of soluble 100% Arabica coffee with medium roasting, smooth and well balanced, with delicate hints of caramel. Gluten free.

Tasting Notes: A medium roast with hints of caramel. It can also be consumed with hot milk.New look, richer taste! Enriched with 10% finely ground coffee.

View: Amber cream and dark colour

Aroma: Delicate notes of caramel

Taste: Soft and well balanced

Roasting: Medium

Intensity: 4

Prontissimo in 3 steps

One: take your favourite cup and pour hot, but not boiling, water into it.

Two: add one or two teaspoons of Prontissimo.

Three: mix well and add milk and sugar to taste. The only one with microgranules Prontissimo! is made with 100% Colombian Arabica beans and contains microgranules of coffee, making it full-bodied and rich: to enjoy at any time of day.


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