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The Grinder Reinvented. The S75 Slingshot grinder comes with a 75mm Flat Burr.

Self Dosing Grinder - All Slingshot grinders feature a volumetric self-dosing chamber which is always on standby to provide the professional barista with their next shot of espresso. Single or double, the dosage will still be correct with zero coffee wasted.

Zero Waste Delivery System - No more lost revenue due to coffee waste Slingshot features a sealed distribution chamber which accurately delivers the ground coffee to the portafilter with no loss of coffee. No more shaky hand to avoid ground coffee spill from the portafilter.

Micrometric Dosage Adjustment - volumetric dosage system that allow the Barista to set different coffee dosages for the single and double portafilter.

Micrometric Grinding Adjustment - Our adjustable micrometric grinding system is a "step-less" design that allows precise control over the coffee grind. Grind setting is made by rotating a tactile control dial integrated with a digital position counter

Real Time Coffee Maturation - Easily monitor the coffee maturation period thanks to the intuitive LED display which records lapse time between grinding giving insight to the Barista of the coffee resting time.

Universal Porta-Filter - Slingshot can accommodate any type and brand of portafilter thanks to its patented spring-loaded support system. The height of the portafilter can vary from 36 to 48 mm, 54mm or 57-58 mm basket diameter.

Burrs Life Monitoring - Slingshot will register the total grinding time to allow the Barista to monitor when the burrs need to be replaced. A warning icon will advise when to schedule the burrs replacement.

Memory Position Burrs - The coffee grinder chamber is accessible by removing the top burr sleeve. It will save time for the maintenance-cleaning, and the grinder will always retain its last grinder setting.

Automatic Portafilter Recognition - Slingshot automatically detects the difference between single and double dose portafilters, delivering the exact dosage of coffee every time whilst improving speed and efficiency.

Cooling Fan - inbuilt climate system. The design is optimized to control the internal airflow and to maintain the coffee chamber at constant temperature.

Mixing Chamber - When the ground coffee is delivered in the portafilter a premix occurs in the coffee mixing chamber. Our unique delivery system improves coffee distribution and consistency.

Adjustable Grinding Scale - Once the Head Barista has adjusted the Slingshot to the perfect espresso shot, the main grinding scale is reset to the Absolute Zero.This adjustable point of reference facilitates coffee grinding calibration throughout the day.

Belt Driven Technology - Slingshot is powered by a belt driven system instead of the direct drive found in most grinders in the market. The design aims at reducing direct heat trasmission to the coffee chamber while controlling the speed in relation to the type of burrs used.

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