Brew Syphon with the Smart Beam Heater by Hario! 

Designed to give you the ultimate experience for every Syphon brew! The heater works with halogen bulbs to create the perfect amount of heat and does not require any glame. This heater also comes with a a LCD touch screen for easy controls to brew with precision easily. 

The Beam Heater comes with 3 modes (Basic / Memory / Professional). Built with Hario glass, stainless steel and ABS resin, this beam heater is built to last.

Features :

  • Precision Syphon Brewing - Gives you complete control over your syphon brewing temperature.
  • Halogen Heat - Creates heat using a safe and soft halogen lamp, no flame required.
  • LCD Touch Controls - Intuitive touch screen makes using the heater easy and simple.
  • 3 Heat Modes - Features basic, memory, and professional modes to give you as much control as you want from day to day.

Product weight: 
Product box size (mm): 215x235x165

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