Qualità Oro is Lavazza’s first coffee blend. Launched in 1956, it has been handed down from father to son for over 60 years. The selection of the best Arabica beans creates an unmistakable Central American flavour of fruity notes blended with sweet Brazilian aromas. The historical Lavazza blend, for those who love to savour a good coffee every day. Also Available in Tin 250g ground and in Box 250g ground.

Profile & Roasting: Sweet and aromatic

Look: Golden cream and a warm colour

Aroma: Notes of fruit and flowers

Taste: Sweet and refined

Aromatic notes: Fruits & Flowers

Intensity: 5

Roasting: Medium


Qualità Oro, ideal for the Moka pot. We recommend you prepare this blend in a moka pot, the coffee maker that is found in every Italian home.

The blend

Each blend is expertly selected, roasted and ground, as specified by our quality standards.

The grinding

The ideal grain, neither too fine nor too coarse, and designed to guarantee a perfect espresso every time.

Product weight: 370g

Product box size (mm): 105x105x130

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