Best Times to Enjoy a Cup of Tea

There’s an awful lof of varie-tea when it comes to tea. And with so many types available, it’s often hard to figure out what flavour to drink so much so that we end up sticking to just one type or flavour of tea. But why do that when there’s so much to choose from? If you’re not sure when to drink different types of tea, we’ve got it figured out for you.


For those of us who like to start our day with a cup of tea, Black tea is highly recommended as a breakfast tea because it's known to protect the heart and blood vessels and it also contains a small amount of caffeine to help you kick start your day. English breakfast tea or Ceylon tea are common.If black tea on its own is too strong for you then try a flavoured black tea.  Earl Grey, Darjeeling are also black teas which gives a slight citrus and floral taste while still giving you the mild kick you need to start your day.


Half way through the day and your energy levels start to diminish? Grab a cup of green tea and get that extra little boost you need to get you through the day. To get the full benefits of your cup, it is ideal to have it 2 hours before or after a meal. However, if you really need to shed some weight, sip some green tea while you eat as green tea inhibits the absorption of fat and speeds up metabolism. If you have a sensitive stomach it’s better to have it after lunch. Instead of having plain green tea you can also go for Jasmine green tea which is  also great because it helps to reduce stress.


Herbal teas are the best fix in the evening or even at night because they do not contain any caffeine and therefore won’t make you jittery for bedtime. If you’re feeling tired after a long day, a cup of  chamomile will help you relax. If you can’t calm your nerves because you’ve got an important event the next day, have a cup of ginger tea and it'll help soothe you to sleep.

There you have it. Although it’s important to note that there’s no specific set timing for a particular type of tea. It all depends on your personal preference. Let us know how you like to have your tea on Facebook.