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The Appia Life range, which has proven itself as the brand top seller thanks to its ease of use, consistent results and energy reduction, sees the arrival of a new model: the Appia Life Timer.

This new version, available with 2 and 3 group volumetric dosing, has a TFT display that allows the user to control dispensing times for a result in the cup that’s consistent and without waste

Appia Life is a coffee machine that stands out for its performance, simplicity of use, energy saving and new features that make it even more advanced. Appia Life guarantees high daily production and an even more consistent result in the cup, thanks, for example, to the SIS (Soft Infusion System) which optimises extraction, and to the Easycream technology that makes it possible to automatically prepare milk for cappuccino.

The Appia Life is simple and innovative. The Appia Life stands out, not only for its proven reliability but also for the modern style that makes it unique. It's new design includes energy saving efforts to be sustainable and cost effective, without losing it performance.

The Appia Life Timer is available in 2 and 3 groups in the volumetric version (5 dispensing keys per group) with a mechanical pressostat.

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