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The workflow optimizer. The most important added value for chains and high volume shops: fluid and harmonious workflow and consistent widespread quality at any time of the day.

Each group on the machine is independent and can be set to all the necessary parameters. Complexity and synchronization of recipes can be fully managed throughout the menu, whatever the execution (milk, coffee, filtered, tea)

Productivity & Consistency
Whoever is the operator on duty, consistency of service is always ensured. Once the recipe parameters have beenset, service goes smoothly and without complications. Steady quality and high productivity are the guaranteed result.

Ease of Use
High-performance technology madesimple for the operator. Intuitive programming logic, easy to learn, easy to teach. Convenience of use is the expression of the ergonomic vision and design of the machine.

Independent Temperature Setting
The new ITS technology* ensures autonomous thermal setting of each group, providing great workflow for the operator at the machine and enhancing the chain value proposition with an amazingly complete experience for customers. Once the temperature has been set on each group, the operator’s work is automated.

*This technology is available only for Aurelia Wave UX

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