Grapes are one of the first fruits to have been cultivated by mankind thousands of years ago; the firsts to have brought this refreshing fruit to the table were the Egyptians and the Romans.  White grapes are now one of the most cultivated fruits in the world, with an unlimited variety mostly associated to the type of wines they are used to craft. With their light and juicy texture, white grapes are a refreshing delight. 
Tasting notes:
Colour: Translucent yellow gold
Nose: Fresh grapes with a honey note
Attack: Crisp sweet and sour grape
Length in mouth: Well rounded floral notes with hint of acidity


Beverage Innovation Director's Tip 
This refreshing flavour with subtle floral notes brings roundness to my cocktail recipes, I particularly like its honey and sultanas profile combined to its perfect sweet and sour balance. With this flavour, you cannot go wrong with classic cocktails such as Pisco Sour or Side Car!”
All cocktail and mocktail applications

Product weight: 1.4kg

Product box size (mm): 75x75x315"

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