The Eureka Mignon Filtro Grinder brings excellent build quality to your morning coffee routine.

The Mignon Filtro offers quick, consistent grinds in a design dedicated to filter coffee brew methods. At its core, the Filtro pairs a lower-RPM motor with a 50mm burr that balances grind speed with consistency and low retention. This combo—coupled with a stepless grind adjust system and on-demand grinding which makes the Filtro's simple-yet-sturdy setup easy to use and maintain.

    • A redesigned brew path and motor combo changes the suitable range of the Filtro to fit drip coffee or pour over methods.
    • The Filtro's stepless grind adjust offers sensitive, tunable control to your grind setting.
    •  A simple press-and-hold switch on the side of the case controls the FIltro's grinding.
    • A full-metal case makes the Filtro one of the most robust grinders at its pricepoint.
    • A bundled 2-piece catch bin lets you grind without making a mess.

      Warranty Details

      1. 1-Year Warranty for manufacturer defects
      2. The warranty does not cover normal wear & tear, any misuse or abuse under normal usage.
      3. All warranty claims must be sent back to Dankoff Coffee Specialist Sdn Bhd, and the buyer is in full responsibility of all shipping charges to and from.
      4. In the case that you have received the product damaged, all claims must be made within 7 days and a complaint must be submitted to us within that period.
      5. For services and breakdowns, users can send the product back to us for repairs but will bear all delivery and courier charges. Upon completion of repair as per Job Sheet, warranty only covers 30 days for the same problem upon returning the unit back to the user.
      6. Any spare parts will be charged separately if the warranty has been expired.

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